One day in Gdansk Poland

How to Visit Gdansk in One Day

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  Follow our Gdańsk one day itinerary to see the best of this fascinating city. 





Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is 15km from the city centre and is served by airlines across Europe, with international connections mainly from Frankfurt and Warsaw

You have a number of options to get from Gdansk airport to Gdansk city center;

  • Transfer – the quickest and most convenient option, you can book in advance with Intui Travel.
  • Taxi – grab a cab, which will cost you around 100PLN (Polish zloty) and take about 25 minutes. Neptun Taxi are the official service from the airport and the only cabs allowed to use the taxi rank. An Uber will be significantly cheaper but you’ll have to get in at the ‘kiss and fly’ parking.
  • Bus – cheaper still is public transport and Bus 210 to Gdansk Glowny (main train station) costs just 3.80 PLN for a one way journey. The bus leaves twice an hour and takes around 30 minutes. On arrival, it’s a ten to fifteen minute walk to our recommended hotels. 

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What to see in Gdansk in one day? The old town is a real highlight.
Places to visit in Gdansk Poland in 24 hours
Places to visit in Gdansk Poland in 24 hours


PURO Gdańsk Stare Miasto is in the heart of the old town, on historical Granary Island, with all the main sights a few minutes stroll away. Local charm, modern rooms and a really stunning restaurant make this one of our favourite Gdansk hotels.

A great alternative is Gotyk House, a 15th century house that has been renovated and is now a trendy hotel in Gdansk old town. With stylish rooms, quirky antiques and super friendly service, this is a great choice for one night in Gdansk.

See & Do

The northern Polish port of Gdansk (previously known as Danzig) abounds with rich colour and opulence, overlaid with a Mediterranean vibe more like Barcelona than Poland! Full of characterful bars and cafes, excellent seafood restaurants and a wealth of history, this city is made for exploring.

 Check out these options for guided walking tours to get a glimpse of the port city from a locals perspective.


Walk the Royal Way and Explore the Old Town







Wondering what to do in Gdansk? Wandering the old town is a great way to see the city.
Aerial view of the old town Gdansk | Photo by RossHelen for Getty Images

Window Shop on Amber Street


 Even if you’re not intending to buy anything, this is a must see in Gdansk, this street is everything amber! 

Top Tip


Climb to Panoramic Views at St. Mary’s




Meet the Crane, a Symbol of the City


Top Tip


Wondering what to see in Gdansk? The crane has to be top of your list!
Gdansk Crane over the Motlawa river | Photo by olejx for Getty Images

See the Shipyards, a Big Part of the City’s Past




Learn More About Solidarity at the European Solidarity Centre


This museum is often a pleasant surprise for most visitors to Gdansk, as the building doesn’t look like much from the outside. This is one of the best places to visit in Gdansk if you’re interested in recent history – there are seven halls for you to explore inside that take you from post-war Gdansk through the 1980s.


Take a Shipyard Sunset Cruise

Discover Gdańsk from the water, onboard a replica of a Polish riverboat used for over 400 years. On this highly-rated sunset cruise, you’ll meander from the imperial shipyards and through the center of the old town, exploring the ruins of the Teutonic castle, water gates and the famous 15th century wooden crane.  
visiting the docks is one of the best things to do in Gdansk
Port of Gdansk at sunset | Photo by nightman1965 for Getty Images

Visit the Olivia Star Observation Deck

If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land, then head for the Olivia Star Buisness Centre, one of Gdansk’s most contemporary buildings. There you’ll find an observation deck on the 32nd floor, the highest viewing point in northern Poland. With incredible panoramic views of the tri-city (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot), Westerplatte and the Baltic coast, the observation level is the perfect place to enjoy drinks and dinner with a view.

Grab a Beer!

And where else to do that but on Ulica Piwna, literally translated to Beer Street! In the heart of the old town, there are over 30 bars in this famous Gdansk nightlife spot.


Lunch at Bar Pod Ryba



Dinner at Brovarnia


Everyone talks about trying pierogi, a cheese and potato dumpling, but you should also try



Top Tip

Zurek is a fermented rye cereal soup full of complex sour, salty and creamy flavours and is sometimes served with hard-boiled eggs. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted and once tried, not forgotten.

Top Five Gdansk Tips

  1. Consider a one day Gdansk Tourist Card which may be worth the cost depending on what you decide to do and see during your trip.
  2. Make sure you carry small notes and loose change, many small shops and bars won’t take large notes. You can withdraw local currency at an ATM (you can’t use euros in Poland) but a kantor (currency exchange) will usually give you a better rate. Avoid them at the airport and in bus stations.
  3. If you want to use the toilet in a bar or restaurant, a circle sign is for ladies and a triangle for men. It is not unusual to be asked to pay to use the facilities, even in a restaurant where you’ve just eaten!  
  4. Don’t say you’re in Eastern Europe! There is no official region of that name, in fact Poland is in Central Europe.
  5. Make sure to pack some warm clothing as it can get chilly in the evenings, even in the height of summer.

Do you have just a little longer to spend in Gdansk?

Do you have an extra half a day, or even 2 days in Gdansk? Check out these top attractions for your trip;

  • Visit tranquil Oliwa Park, with its ten hectares of paths, French–style gardens, a glasshouse filled with exotic plants and even a stream. This city park, which surrounds Oliwa cathedral and Abbot’s Palace, is beautiful to visit and just 10km from the centre of Gdansk.
  • Head for Bar Mleczny Neptun, a traditional ‘milk bar’ or Polish cafe. Milk bars don’t actually serve milk, but traditional home-cooked food for very little money and had their heyday after the first world war when people needed to eat nourishing food cheaply. A dying breed now, head for Bar Neptun for a taste of Polish tradition. 
  • Take a day trip to Malbork Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest and most imposing castles in the world.
  • Spend one day in Sopot. This trojmiasto (tri-city) city has the longest wooden pier in Europe, at 515.5m. Starting at Sopot’s main beach, the pier stretches far out into the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Gdansk. Also known for its bars and lively nightlife, Sopot is a hot spot for Polish party animals. 

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