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How to Visit Seville in One Day

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Seville is hot, steamy and so very Spanish. More about atmosphere than attractions, the intimate bars at every twist and turn of its medieval lanes, the rich Mudejar history and splendid Baroque churches of Seville will delight and captivate you. Follow our one day Seville travel guide for a flavour of this quintessential Spanish city.






San Pablo Seville airport is well connected to the rest of Europe and North Africa. International visitors should also consider flying in to Malaga Costa del Sol airport, the third largest airport in Spain.

You have several options to get into the city centre from the airport;

  • Transfer – the quickest and most convenient option, you can book in advance with Intui Travel.
  • Taxi – grab a cab, which will cost you around €25 and take about 15 minutes.
  • Bus – take the airport bus (EA line) that terminates at the bus station at Plaza de Armas in the El Centro district. From here its a 15 minute walk or cab ride to the historic centre. Tickets cost €4.



A great alternative is the H10 Casa de la Plata in El Centro, the city centre shopping district, perfectly located between the historic attractions to the south and the Seville Metropole to the north. Chic and colourful, this is a beautifully designed hotel with friendly service and a luxury feel, which provides excellent value for money.

See & Do



Visit the Real Alcazar of Seville


The Real Alcázar gardens are a botanists delight, with orange, lemon and pomelo trees hanging heavy with fruit. Fantastic Moorish inspired architecture creates symmetry and interest with arches, pavilions and galleries throughout the gardens. The Alcazar should be at the top of your list of things to see in Seville in one day, the romance and history of the palace are palpable and will set the scene for the rest of your time in the city.

Book your Seville Alcazar tickets  here 

The Alcazar, a must see on any day trips to Seville
Gardens of the Alcazar | Photo by Anastasia Collection

Visit the Cathedral of Seville​





Climb the Metropol Parasol

La Encarnación square and  Photographers will appreciate the contrast of the light wood of the structure, floating against the backdrop of the inevitable azure blue Seville sky. 


Top Tip


Metropol Parasol a must see on your seville one day itinerary or day trip
The Metropol Parasol | Photo by fauk74 for Getty Images Signature

Row Around the Plaza de Espana



Wander the Barrio Santa Cruz



Top Tip


Seville itinerary 1 day to see the historic city centre
A pretty square in Barrio Santa Cruz | Photo by Manaking for Getty Images

Take in a Flamenco Show

Good flamenco is all about the spirit of the performance and passion of the performers – there is even a word for it – ‘duende’, which does not have a direct translation but refers to how the performance affects those watching.

Flamenco includes elements of singing, guitar music, clapping and of course, the feisty flamenco dancing and was born in southern Spain between the three great cities of Seville, Cadíz and Granada. The city has become the home of some of the best flamenco in the world and you should not visit Seville without taking in a show. 

Discover Tapas

Tapas is a way of life in Seville and you’ll find it being served in all bars in the city. Tapas is loosely used to describe tapa (snack) and a racione (small plate) as well as pintxos (food on a stick) which come from the north of Spain, and montadito (food on bread).  

Tapas is served and eaten as a snack (often whilst standing at the bar) with a beer or other alcoholic drink. Sometimes this comes free with your drink, but in a city like Seville, you’ll pay €3-5 for each tapa. Raciones are larger plates – usually a half-portion – and tend to be the size used to serve jamon (ham) or cheese which are perfect for sharing.

If you’re a tapas newbie, taking a tapas tour is the perfect way to learn the intricacies of this very Spanish tradition. Plus, you’ll also get to try tapas in the best places in town. 


Freiduria Puerta de la Carne

The oldest fry shop in Seville is unsurprisingly in the Santa Cruz district. Pescaito frito (fried fish) is a popular dish across Spain and you’ll find it on most menus in Seville. At Freiduria Puerta de la Carne, you’ll get the best fried fish in Seville, they’ve been serving it up daily since 1929. The menu is simple, order a mix of seafood and eat hot from the paper at a table outside. 

Bodeguita Antonio Romero

There are four Antonio Romero bodeguitas in town, this is the first and has the most authentic Sevillano vibe. Bodeguita Antonio Romero Origin is right in the historic heart of the city, you can eat at a table or at the bar with a beer, if you’re looking for a quick snack. 

Mercado de Triana

  The nearby riverside street of Calle Betis on the Guadalquivir river has excellent restaurants and lively bars with live (and often impromptu) flamenco to get your feet tapping!

Top Five Seville Tips

  2. If you’re visiting over a weekend, ask your hotel for a non-street facing room. Street noise in Seville at the weekends can be loud as locals fill the streets and squares into the early hours. Unless you want to join them, of course.
  3. There is a high level of petty crime in Seville and pickpockets are rife at all the main attractions and tourist areas. Look after your stuff and leave valuables in your hotel.
  4. For an incredible up-close view of Seville Cathedral, head to the rooftop bar at EME Catedral Terraza, where you can sip a cocktail and admire the Gothic architecture on display.
  5. You can see flamenco for free at La Carboneria but it’s lacking in ambiance and intimacy, vital ingredients for great flamenco (and you’ll have to buy expensive drinks, so it’s not really free at all). If you want to do it properly, then buy a ticket.


Do you have just a little longer to spend in Seville?

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